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Deciding what to buy next
I am currently shooting with a 7d Markll and 150-600 sigma sport. I shoot mostly wildlife but enjoy shooting landscape as well. I am deciding between a new camera or glass. The camera would be a 5d mark4. A little more money than I am wanting to spend but I will swing it if I go with a new body. The glass I am looking at would be a canon 70-200 2.8 ll or a canon 100-400 ll. The main reason for the new body is better image quality and the higher iso with better results. I hear great things about the 100-400 and I am wondering how it will compare to the 70-200 in image quality. I know the 70-200 will perform better in low light but I give up a lot of reach. The reason for one of the two lenses is it is a lot lighter for hikes and suck than my 150-600. Any input or other ideas would be very much appreciated.

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